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The Wallet Ninja

It seems like the only thing you can’t do with this little helper.. is paying!

BUT aside from this it offers so much more functionality than a credit card. It has the same size as a credit card, so you can easily put it inside your wallet. There’s six Hex wrenches, a can opener, fruit peeler, bottle opener, ruler (standard & metric), letter opener, box opener, phone stand, and eyeglasses, Philips and flathead screwdrivers. It’s made from 4x heat treated steel, and comes with a lifetime guarantee to never rust, bend, dull, or fold up like Circuit City.

GET your own Wallet Ninja ($14.99)

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kamidoodles, re: what this is from: the OP has tagged it ‘9’ and ‘9 movie’ so I guess it’s from that?

… gosh I watched this, but I don’t remember it. Guess it’s time for a re-watch!

Thanks :>

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you are worth so much more than ashes

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Sep 01


I’m very very late ! ê___ê’

Here some pics of my children book”The little Red Wolf” ! :>

Now available in french bookstore and on amazon !

(Pretty photos of the book by Jonathan Garnier : http://a-lifi.tumblr.com/ )

Sep 01


We live in a society where we kind of want to decide that one woman has to be right and the other has to be wrong. Or that one woman is good and the other woman is bad. And I think, you know, there’s room in this world for more than one fabulously dressed, powerful, smart, sophisticated, complicated woman at the table.

Kerry Washington

Aug 31


The Saiga lives in the Great Steppe of Eurasia, home of Attila the Hun and Gengis Khan.

These nomadic beasts divide their time between summer and wintering grounds, but their extraordinary schnoz is useful all year round.

In the dry, dusty summers, the nose helps filter out dust from the air. In the cold winter it serves to warm up the air before they breathe it in.

During the winter, males stop eating and spend all their time fighting over mates. Up to 97% of them may die out of sheer exhaustion!

…Image: Darwin Initiative/Seilov/Adriana Dinu

Aug 31


Avengers Academy #3 - “Scared Straight” (2010)

written by Christos N. Gage
art by Mike McKone & Andrew Hennessy

Aug 31

Anonymous said: do you ever get recognised in meatspace by your tumblr followers?


NOT EVER but let me tell you, someone tagged me in a post about an iguana shirt and i found almost the exact same shirt on ebay and im the only one who has bid on it

eventually its goign to be at my doorstop where i will be Legally Obligated to wear no other shirts for the rest of my life so if you see someone in the future, wearing this shirt, its me. its 100 percent really me. you should yell my name really loud if you see someone wearing it. dont worry if i dont respond at first just keep yelling